Supercool - The refrigerated air conditioner that’s at home everywhere

Take the heat out of summer any time, any place with the fabulous Convair Supercool portable refrigerated air conditioner.

Now you can enjoy instant climate control, right where you want it because Convair Supercool refrigerated air conditioners are totally portable.

At the touch of a button, make any room in the home or office, your personal comfort zone.

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When it comes to performance, the Convair Supercool delivers the goods. Available in two compact models, it combines function, quality, convenience and sleek good looks in one beautifully designed unit that is a breeze to operate.

Whether you’re simply changing rooms or, changing address, the Convair Supercool portable air conditioner is the perfect choice for people on the move.

• Perfect for any room in the home or office
• Easy to operate, simple to use
• No installation costs
• Thermostatically controlled
• Instantly cools and dehumidifies your environment
• Ergonomically designed for efficiency and performance
• Openflow ventilation system for fast cooling
• Filters the air and helps trap dust particles
• Portable - use it where it’s needed
• Includes window kit
• Large roller-glide castors for easy moving
• Cost-efficient to run
• Full two year


• 9,000 BTU (2.6kW) spot cooler

• Variable temperature control

• User-friendly control panel

• Stylish looks

• Easy set-up

• Fully portable


• 12,000 BTU (3.5kW) spot cooler
• Remote control
• Electronic touch panel controls with digital temperature display
• Variable temperature control
• Auto mode operation
• Easy set-up
• Fully portable

  Model Supercool 9 Supercool 12
maximum room size*
18m2 24m2
Cooling capacity
9,000 BTU/hour
2,637 watts
12,000 BTU/hour
3,529 watts
Air volume
470m3/hour 520m3/hour
Humidity removal capacity
26.4litres/day 31.2litres/day
Rotary Rotary
R-407C R-407C
Window kit
Included Included
Fan speeds
Two Two
1-8 hours & continuous 1-12 hours & continuous
18-32˚C 18-32˚C
Power supply
240V/50Hz/single phase 240V/50Hz/single phase
Power consumption
830W/3.9A 850W/4.2A
Net weight
29Kg 31Kg
420mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 750mm(H) 420mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 750mm(H)
*Can vary dependant on house insulation, sunlight and soft furnishings.
   Contact: Richie Coady Tel: 086-2541587   info@breezair.ie