900 Prestige - Keeping you cool is easier than you think…

This stylish and portable evaporative fresh air cooling system is ideal for use in your home or office. In fact, anywhere where rooms get hot and stuffy from inefficient ventilation, which leads to irritability and uncomfortable living and working conditions. This can become a thing of the past by investing wisely in a Convair 900 Prestige.
• Environmentally friendly - cools without using harmful CFC gases.
• Draws, filters and cools fresh air from outside
• Low running costs. Uses less than a 100 watts light bulb
• As a fan - it gently circulates the air
• 3 speed fan controls different cooling settings
• Delivers an air flow of 864m3 per hour, using as little as 84 watts
of power

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Convair - the natural healthy air cooling system
Gentle sea breezes feel cooler because hot air is blown over the water causing some of it to evaporate and absorb heat.
The air is cooled by this evaporation process to become a refreshing breeze. Using the principle of natural evaporation, our designers and engineers created the Prestige 900 so that you can enjoy the benefits of fresh clean air in your home or workplace.

We made it portable so you can be cool and comfortable wherever you are. The Prestige 900 draws air and passes it through large, wet cooling pads by a powerful fan. The air is then cooled by the evaporation process so you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day or night.


Portability - Reliability - Versatility
Manufactured in Australia, one of the hottest and driest climates on earth, means that the Convair Prestige 900 is capable of performing efficiently in tough conditions. That is why it is the world’s number one quality performer with outstanding versatility and reliability.
The patented fan and purpose-built motors ensure quiet operation whilst they keep you cool. The rotating grille distributes clean air to wherever you are in the room.
Four strong twin castor wheels make it easy to move the cooler from room to room.

The durable and strong cabinet will blend with any decor and its tough construction will give you many years of service.

• Will not rust or corrode

• Motorised rotating grille for penetrating air flow

• Simple controls

• Quiet operation. Delivers excellent cooling to where you want it

For the technically minded
Air Flow
864 m3/hr
Cooling Effect*
777 watts
Room Area
15 - 18 m2
Power Input
85 watts
Water Capacity
15 litres
- shipping
760 (H) x 575 (W) x 300 (D) mm
- operating
1026 (H) x 615 (W) x 265 (D) mm
- shipping
12.7 kg
- net
11.4 kg
*Achievable with ambient 38˚C DB, 21˚C WB and room temperature of 27.4˚C.
   Contact: Richie Coady Tel: 086-2541587   info@breezair.ie