Millenia - New Millenia cooler quieter,years ahead.

More cooling power than other Slimline evaporative air conditioners in the world.

The Convair Millenia provides in-home performance which is as far ahead of the rest of the field as its futuristic elegance suggests.

The Convair Millenia is ideal for cooling medium to large living areas of today’s modern homes.

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More cooling power than other Slimline evaporative air conditioners in the world
At the very heart of the Millenia is the sophisticated, high-tech and ultra-powerful Stealth®1 fan. The result is more air flow than any other Slimline evaporative air conditioner in the world. The same goes for cooling power. With an economical 85 watts electrical input, Millenia returns a massive 971* watts (3300 BTU/hr) of cooling - much more than other Slimline competitors.

Cool power that won’t disturb your sleep
When designing Millenia Stealth® fan, the objective was to maximise air flow and minimise noise levels. The result is technology that provides superior performance on both counts. Imagine cool, fresh undisturbed sleep on the hottest of nights!

Cooling that’s fresh, healthy and natural
Like all Convair evaporative air conditioners, Millenia provides a cooling effect that’s as natural as a sea breeze. Convair evaporative air conditioners contain no harmful CFC gases; fresh air is drawn into the cooler, then cooled as it passes through water-soaked cooling pads. Nothing could be more natural or healthier.

• 3 speed fan
• Advanced corrosion-free polymer construction
• Castor wheels

For the technically minded
Air Flow
1,010 m3/hr
Cooling Effect*
971 watts
Room Area
15 - 18 m2
Power Input
85 watts
Water Capacity
15 litres
- shipping
765 (H) x 565 (W) x 370 (D) mm
- operating
810 (H) x 540 (W) x 430 (D) mm
- shipping
13 kg
- net
12 kg
*Achievable with ambient 38˚C DB, 21˚C WB and room temperature of 27.4˚C.
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