Magicool - Natural Cooling , Healthy Living

Natural Cooling, Healthy Living for your modern day lifestyle.

Stylish contemporary in design and advanced in technology, Magicool

offers you the healthy lifestyle you deserve in your home

and office. This environmentally friendly evaporative air conditioner

uses the natural air cooling system that ensures air is kept fresh, constantly.

• Brings in 100% fresh air
• Improves air quality and stops static electricity
• Low running costs
• Compact and powerful

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Magicool offers consumers a healthy choice
Magicool uses the natural air cooling system that is environmentally friendly and healthy. Fresh hot air is constantly drawn from the outside through a special cooling pad that is saturated with water.
The heat is absorbed and cool fresh air is circulated throughout the room. There is no re-circulation of stale air within the room. The cooler also has control that allows you to balance the moisture in the room if the weather is too dry. Environmentally Friendly

Compact, powerful and quiet
Magicool has been designed to provide customers with true value for money, with its compact design and technologically advanced features, giving customers peace and comfort.
Magicool comes with the sophisticated, high-tech and ultra-powerful Stealth®1 fan that provides more cooling than any other small cooler. What's more, the fan is also super quiet, giving you long undisturbed sleep on the hottest nights.


How to use Magicool
Magicool is easy to operate. Simply add water, plug it in and turn it on, and adjust the water flow and fan speed to your desired comfort level. For maximum efficiency, place the back of Magicool to an open window or door to draw in 100% fresh air. Open another window/door on opposite side of room to create "flow through" ventilation

Where to use Magicool
Magicool can be used throughout a home and office. Depending on air quality and room configurations, it will create comfort in any small to medium size room.

The natural healthy air cooling system

• No re-circulation of stale air
• Environmentally friendly - does not emit harmful gases into atmosphere
• Balances moisture in the air
• Filters out dust particles
• Portable and easy operation
• Contemporary & stylish design
• Suitable for any small- or mid-size home, apartment or office

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For the technically minded
Air Flow
688 m3/hr
Cooling Effect*
477 watts
Room Area
7 - 9 m2
Power Input
65 watts
Water Capacity
13 litres
- shipping
760 (H) x 435 (W) x 315 (D) mm
- operating
760 (H) x 400 (W) x 300 (D) mm
- shipping
10 kg
- net
8.5 kg
*Achievable with ambient 38˚C DB, 21˚C WB and room temperature of 27.4˚C.
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