800CH All Seasons - The ideal All Seasons…the perfect solution for year round heating and cooling

The Convair All Seasons is a highly versatile, portable, evaporative air conditioner not only capable of effective cooling, it doubles as a very effective room heater. As an additional benefit, it can also act as a portable humidifier, gently moisturising stuffy and dry indoor winter air
that can irritate dry skin and cause nosebleed.

• Cools you when you are hot
• Warms you when you are cold
• Humidifies dry air in summer or winter for health and comfort
• Quiet operation. Delivers excellent cooling to where you want it
• Draws, filters and cools fresh air from outside
• Low running costs for summer cooling

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The natural healthy air cooling system
The All Seasons uses the principle of natural evaporation to provide you with 100% cool fresh air. There is no re-circulation of stale air. The air is drawn from the outside, gets filtered through the portable system and the result is naturally cooled clean air. The natural process also ensures that no harmful gases are released into the atmosphere to
harm the environment.

The efficient heating system
As well as cooling the All Seasons appliance also heats and delivers gentle heat to where you want it. Its space-age 2000 Watts ceramic element is selfregulating and highly energy efficient. It is quite different to a regular heating element. The heat output is adjustable and the appliance will not overheat. You will be amazed how quickly your room heats up.
Constructed for long life
Manufactured in Australia, one of the hottest and driest climates on earth, by Seeley International, the All Seasons will provide you with years of reliable service. Its rugged yet stylish construction and technical efficiency, together with its portability will heat or cool your home whatever the weather.

• Totally versatile in all weather conditions

• 3 speed fan controls different cooling settings

• Will not rust or corrode

• Delivers an air flow of 821m3 per hour, using less than 85 watts of power
   on cooling cycle

• Ultra-safe, highly acclaimed ceramic heating element delivers 2000 watts
   of direct heat

• Will not rust or corrode

• 17 litres capacity water container - easy to fill and discharge

For the technically minded
Air Flow
821 m3/hr
Cooling Effect*
804 watts
Room Area
15 - 18 m2
Power Input
- Cooling
85 watts
- Heating:
2000 watts@ 230 v
Water Capacity
15 litres
- shipping
760 (H) x 575 (W) x 300 (D) mm
- operating
1026 (H) x 615 (W) x 262 (D) mm
- shipping
15 kg
- net
13.7 kg
*Achievable with ambient 38˚C DB, 21˚C WB and room temperature of 27.4˚C.
   Contact: Richie Coady Tel: 086-2541587   info@breezair.ie